“BC Housing has retained Trimstyle Consulting Inc., for professional roof consulting services, for the past six years. John Pitre and his team at Trimstyle have provided quality roof consulting services, ranging from roof audits, construction specifications and construction oversight for developments in BC Housing’s Group Home, Non-Profit and Directly Managed portfolios.

“John is very knowledgeable, well experienced and stands behind the products and services he provides. Aside from his exceptional understanding of roof systems, John has a strong understanding of contract administration. This knowledge is essential when the implementation of a construction contract is required.

“I highly recommend using the professional roof consulting services of Trimstyle Consulting. Reliability, attention to detail and high quality products and performance, are what you can expect from John Pitre and his team at Trimstyle Consulting Inc.”

Ann Evangelista – PMP
Manager, Capital Project Implementation
Lower Mainland Region
BC Housing Management Commission

“I have worked with John Pitre at Trimstyle Roofing Consultants for several years. John is professional and presents well to Strata Corporations who are in need of advise and consulting services when it comes to replacing their roof system. His knowledge and experience of roof systems is exceptional. He is a pleasure to work with. His honesty and integrity speaks for itself. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my clients or anyone else in need of a roof consultant.”

Joan Bird
Senior Property Manager
Quay Pacific Property Management

“John Pitre and his team at Trimstyle Consulting was retained as roofing consultant for our roof replacement project. Throughout the planning, design and execution stages of the project, John impressed our entire Strata Council with his expertise and professionalism. At the planning stage, he helped the Strata Council to understand the overall process and educated us on what to expect. During the design stage, he attended our owner information meeting. Impressing the owners with his knowledge and down-to-earth approach, John was quickly able to gain their confidence and support. John then handled the bidding process and secured bids from several contractors that he knew we could trust. We were able to award the contract to an excellent firm which came in at a price lower than what we expected. During the construction phase, John attended on a regular basis to supervise and inspect the work, ensuring it met his exacting standards. Due to his supervision and his professional relationship with the contractor, as well as his planning and preparation of the specifications and drawings, there were few issues and surprises throughout the four months of construction.

“In short, John exceeded our expectations and I would highly recommend him to any Strata Council contemplating a re-roofing project.”

Chris Lawson
VR 1877 1230 Haro Street, Vancouver B.C.

“We know roofs protect us from the elements. And over years, replacement is needed, usually at considerable cost. We got more than just a new roof!

“Arlington Grove Housing Cooperative is a large 66 unit residential housing complex in the Champlain Heights area of Vancouver. Our membership consists of families, elderly and disabled people. We engaged Trimstyle Consulting to guide us through the process of re-roofing, to tender the work, oversee the work, approve invoices and create a maintenance manual.

“The upside of this consultant was excellent pricing, attention to all detail, understandable invoicing, detailed reports with photos and expert advice. There were no downsides.

“Additionally, we were able to make improvements with increased and improved ventilation, additional flashing to protect wood trim and a longer life shingle which greatly enhanced the appearance of the entire property.

“We are pleased to recommend Trimstyle Consulting. They conducted themselves in a professional manner, explained details from roof material, workmanship, design, current building code requirements, and contract/invoicing/holdback procedures. The work is now complete, bills all paid, and some very happy customers.”

Suzanne Black
Director, Arlington Grove