Metal Roofing is becoming more widely used in our urban landscape. Metal roofs are typically divided into Structural Metal Roofs and Architectural Metal Roofs.

Structural Metal Roofs are as the name implies a roof covering as well as a roof deck. These are usually observed in pre-engineered metal buildings.

Architectural Metal Roofs require an underlayment and a supporting deck. This assembly usually requires a slope greater than 3” in 12”. Trimstyle is involved in the design of Architectural Sheet Metal Roofing assemblies only.

Architectural Metal Roofs are usually of the standing seam variety (implying a panel with 2 upturned legs). Because site fabrication of these panels reduces transportation cost to site, more mobile machines are now observed.

Lengths of metal, type of metal, means of securement, type of seam and flashing details, differ with each project. This plethora of combinations and the additional risk of condensation, make metal roofing a discipline of its own. Trimstyle understands these principles and is able to provide the owner with the best metal solution for his or her project.