Maintenance has always been a concern to building owners, whether they are sizeable property manager or small residential owners. Previously only equipment and building systems were considered the domain of maintenance. Recently however, owners are recognizing the need for ongoing inspection, maintenance and repair of the roofing assemblies that protect their buildings.

Periodic roof inspection and maintenance programs that we prepare are routinely inspected with greater frequency. It is recommended that every spring and fall the roof should be visually inspected, to verify what maintenance and repair can be performed during convenient summer months, and in the latter to verify if the assembly is ready for the upcoming winter season.

At Trimstyle maintenance programs are designed around the size of property, overall architectural design and general location and environment of the building. For larger property managers, a scope of work and specifications are recommended, and particulars such as to the type of contract documents the owner may want to work with such as “stipulated price”. or “cost plus” are reviewed.

For the smaller proprietor, owner-performed maintenance programs are offered, which typically follow an “action needed” document and formula. At Trimstyle we would be happy to customize a program that will ensure peace of mind.