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Community Support

Supporting and giving back to the communities where we work and live are important considerations for Trimstyle Consulting. As such, Trimstyle provides three avenues of funding that will help create future industry professionals directly involved in Architectural Disciplines.

1. Trimstyle Consulting Award – BCIT

This $750.00 annual award was established in 2014 to celebrate Trimstyle’s 10th year in business. It is given to a second year Architectural Technology graduating student.
Trimstyle Consulting Award

2016 Award : Bryn Walmsley

2. The John Pitre Architectural Technology Scholarships – Vanier College

Established by Trimstyle in 2010, these two scholarships are provided to John’s Alma Mater. The first is a $1000 scholarship to a 3rd year graduating student and the second is a $500 scholarship to a second year student.
John Pitre Technology Scholarship I
John Pitre Technology Scholarship II

2016 Third Year Award : Chelsea Petosa
2016 Second Year Award : Catherine Imbeault



3. The Canadian RCI Foundation

Trimstyle has provided a $10,000 donation to the RCI foundation, financially supporting activities that advance knowledge in the building industry.
Canadian RCI Foundation